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We are  Administrative Lawyers(Gyoseishoshi Lawyers)  and Immigration Lawyers in Nagoya. Our service is for people from other countries. We provide top tier knowledge and customer service to our clients in English.   


What We Offer ?

・Visa Application Support.


Professor,  Instructor, Artist, Religious activities, Journalist, Intra-company Transferee, Business manager, Researcher, "Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services," Nursing care, Skilled Labor, Designated Activities, Specified Skilled Worker, Entertainer, Student, Trainee, Technical Intern Training, Dependent, Designated Activities, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, Long Term Residence, Highly Skilled Professional, Permanent Residence,


・Company Establishment Support from overseas.

・Support to open a business in Japan.

・Support for licensing applications in Japan.



Basic  Fee

"Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services"


・Application for Certificate of Eligibility

/Invite foreign nationals from overseas

                                      JPY 120,000 + tax


・Change of Status of Residence

/ Change visa differing from the current visa

                                     JPY 120,000 +tax


・Permission for Extending Period of Stay /Extend the current visa

                                     JPY   50,000 +tax


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What is Administrative Lawyer / Gyoseishoshi Lawyer ?

An Administrative lawyer is a national qualified lawyer based on the Administrative Law and is a specialist in the preparation and submission of documents to public offices.

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